Prayer For My Mother

Dear God,

I know I am a sinner. Every second I live I never get away from all this sin.

I know I am a liar. Every single word I speak is only lie.

I know I am unfaithful to You. Even though I know that You always grace me with Your joy

These sins is all about me. About how I stuck with my own lust and greed.

But I know, every time I remember about You, I always remember about how my mother taught me the good and reminded me the bad.

I only wish for her to be forgiven for all of her sin she made in her life, keep her soul untouched by the flame of Jahannam, and let her rest beside You in your Firdaus.

Rabbighfirli wali wali dayya warhamhuma kamaa rabbayaani shoghiiro


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