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(Almost) Seamlessly Integrate Android Layout XML to Code Behind Reference

It’s been a while since my last post. With this post, I would like to share a little bit of my toolkit which I use extensively on my Android project. 🙂 Overview So basically, when you are developing apps for Android, you use Android XML file to define the User Interface (UI) layout structure, then you code using Java for the implementation. Basically they resembles the .NET WPF/Silverlight’s XAML development,...

Ambiguous Result

Another quo-de for today. You can see how ambiguous this function call [java] protected void onPostExecute(RefreshTaskResult<ActionResult<SquadInfoShort>> result) { // Check result if(result.getResult().getResult()) { } } [/java] What result?

Generics in WCF REST JSON Communication

Overview So I got a task in designing a scalable and modular Service Oriented application using JSON and WCF. I am designing a web service using WCF. The communication between the web service and the client will be using JSON. While the server is using .NET Framework, the client is using Android Java. I aim to design the service as modular as possible. For every web service request from the client,...