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Inspiring Chats with Bjarne Stroustrup

I was invited for students dinner at Cppcon. Technically speaking I am currently a student, so despite I’m older than many other students, I can join them for free pizza 😛 But my luck was not about the pizza. I got my chance to meet and talk with Bjarne Stroustrup, the father of C++ language! It was all began when all students joining the dinner had to meet up in...

VPS Experience (Part 1): Moving to VPS to Host Personal Blogs

So I decided to move my blog from shared hosting so VPS hosting. VPS is getting cheaper everyday with as low as $2 per day makes it a good bargain to host blog in VPS. With VPS, we can choose which software we want to install, and configure it in our own taste. But definitely, choosing VPS is not for everyone. It is more suitable for advanced user as configuring...

Using Generics in an Ugly Way

Previously I was talking about generics. You can see how I do with generics to the confusing level: new AsyncTask<Void, Void, RefreshTaskResult<ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>>>>() { protected RefreshTaskResult<ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>>> doInBackground(Void… params) { try { ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>> result = client.getSquadList(); return new RefreshTaskResult<ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>>>(result); } catch (Exception e) { // Catch any exception return new RefreshTaskResult<ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>>>(e); } } }.execute(); See how many < > to feast your eyes.

Control Your Source Code

You usually save your code on your development machine. When you need to share your code with your friend, or perhaps when you use multiple development machine such as desktop and laptop simultaneously, you share your code by copying the entire folder and share it to your liking. This is a very bad practice, especially when sharing involves changes and development from other party. Because of that we need a...