How To Hack Your (Friend’s) Windows 7 Password

DISCLAIMER – The purpose of this post is to show how vulnerable Windows 7 is. The writer disclaim all the charges for any damages caused by this post. You MUST address the claim to Microsoft® for developing such a bad security on their operating system.

Recently I just told that I could hack the password on Windows 7 by the infamous NET command from command prompt. I tried it when I’m on Samarinda last sunday when configuring the laptop for computer training participant. It failed. I was told using NET USER command from the command line console in Windows Recovery Tools. I found it very ridiculous which the NET USER commands return the users on the Windows 7 installer environment, which are Administrator and Guest only. It is not linked to the Administrator account on your installed Windows on your hard drive.

While today, when I consider that “myth” is busted, my friend Ken Danniswara told me that that is not how you do it. You use the recovery command line console to perform some “magic” trick to Windows system files, before you can actually hack a password in less than 10 minutes. And then he explained to me how he performed it. So here it is:

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