What The Hell?

So welcome to my dev-blog. So basically this blog is for my personal project called Heliosky. Yes. I have plenty of personal projects and STALLED! God.

So I developed this blog as a motivation to myself to keep on writing, in parallel with continuing my personal project. I will present some of my ideas, my implementation, geeky things, and so on here. What are my personal projects exactly?

The ultimate personal projects that I want to develop is my own blog system, using ASP.NET. Somehow I did not satisfied with many of blogging system on ASP.NET. While now I am using WordPress to do blogging (I used to blog with WordPress at gilang.hamidy.net back back then, well, 3 years ago), I want to create a modular blog management system with a graph concept. I will tell you later about this. In the end, when my new blog management system is completed, I will migrate every post here into that system.

So why Heliosky? Helios is Sun. My name is Gilang Mentari Hamidy, where Mentari means Sun. Thankfully no one takes the domain Heliosky yet, so I can name my project Heliosky, and purchase (another) domain for myself. I should think about purchasing the other domain too to secure my trademark. 😛

Ok, enough with What The Hell post, I want to continue a little bit of my job and side projects. Talk to you later!

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  1. Gilang says:

    Here’s hoping that this blog (and your projects) will run again. Cheers.

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