Being Away from Social Media (Day 3: The Reason)

I promised myself after my 25th birthday, I have to start reducing my activity in social media. So today is the 3rd day of my fasting, and with this post (and some future posts) will talk about how is it like doing fasting of Social Media 😛

Background Story

I did a lot activities on my Facebook page, especially when I want to express myself about recent issues. I also got news from Facebook instead of newspaper or websites. I expressed my opinion on my Facebook wall, did discussion with friends regarding certain issues in their comment box, and shout to annoying Facebook people directly. Other than Facebook, I also used Path to share some activities, especially my travelling-selfie.

I started realizing that I was too much exposed by those social media when many of my friends told me that I was always on the top of Facebook news feed. Although they were rarely “like” or comment my Facebook activities, they knew my activities, opinions, and even rant about something. In the end, I decided that I have to end this unhealthy exposure by deactivate some social media accounts that I was extensively using.

I think social media has made me too boastful. It made me care too much on my image, increase my self-esteem to unhealthy level, and too distracting. Spending more time for something more productive will bring more good to me in the future.

Which I Deactivated

First social networking I deactivated is Facebook. Facebook is too distracting as I procrastinated a lot with Facebook. I spent a lot of time swiping Facebook news feed, checking out on someone, or sharing some rants on Facebook. They said that when you have become addicted to social networking sites, you will spend more than necessary time checking on those sites. I believed I reached that level already, and I have to stop it. I also used Facebook to check on someone I know (or I want to know). I became too nosy on someone, which in fact I should care less of them, and care more to myself.

The next one is Path, which is exactly similar with Facebook, but more private, so to speak. I spent a lot of time sharing and scrolling at Path timeline. I shared too many selfies already, too many moments which is unnecessary for people to know.  Basically it is just the same as Facebook, with less features to be nosy on someone.

Which I Keep

I am keeping Instagram as I think it is still productive place to share some creativity, such as my photographs. I love doing photography, and Instagram is a good place to engage with my friends to share some of my shots. I can still expose my photography skills and travelling story via Instagram.

Google+ is also one of social sites I am keeping. Because it is less distracting than Facebook, and I can still share some with my friends, especially photos. Once again, I am a photographer guy, and I need a place to share photos of my friends.

Twitter, only to keep track of information regarding CommuterLine (commuter train in Jakarta)

My Blog, which will become the main source of sharing. I will share my ideas, opinions, and anything here. If people is still interested in knowing about me, the latest news about me will be available in my blog, hopefully.

Symptom So Far

I experienced hand-shake when using cellphone. I autonomously trying to open Facebook from my phone, which I had uninstalled. I spent too much time using Facebook and Path from my phone, which became a bad habit, especially during idle time when commuting in train. And now, I am trying to move my attention to other things, such as studying for graduate exam, reading news, or browsing universities for my future study 😛

I also felt urge in sharing some interesting news I found on internet. I recently read about the Islamic State presence in Indonesia. I felt like I want to express my opinion on social media, giving out my personal stance on the issue. Since I have deactivated Facebook, I have nowhere to share except my friends directly, or in my blog (which will have to wait as I have so many blog drafts unpublished).

Why don’t you start now? 🙂

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6 Responses

  1. tasia says:

    Hi gilang, thanks for keep your blog on, so I still can say Happy belated birthday :).
    Hope you got whatever you want.

  2. Gilang says:

    Hey, thank you very much for reading my blog! And thank you too for the birthday wish! 🙂

    Whew, I kinda get motivation to write more 😀

  3. tasia says:

    Yeah, Of course.. 🙂
    keep blogging gilang..
    I still can’t wait to read your posts 🙂

    Fighting !! 🙂

  4. mieke says:

    Ahahaha well well..

    So did I.
    Now I am only using Instagram and Blog (sometimes twitter for writing somw quotes *banci quotes) ahahah

    Life is getting better and more simple… Because based on my conv with several people with various ages we think that by using social media too much we started to live my life by the way people see, think, share, and comment on socmed.. and for me, that’s a little bit despo. :p

  5. Mufid says:

    I have been feeling the same. Lately, i broke my smartphone accidentaly, but i don’t want the replacement. Same reason: it makes me wandering more on social media, which is not good

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