The Faith on Our Journey

I visited Baduy village at Banten last weekend. It was one of the most remote village in Java, we have to walk for more than 5 hours one way (I took 7 hours), climb and descend more than 4 hills just to reach there. There’s one thing I learned from my journey there:

We have to keep strong on our way to our destination no matter how hard the obstacles are in front of us.

It was very challenging trip to Baduy. I had to walk muddy and slippery paths, climb a very cliffy hills, all under rainfall. There is no easier shortcut and every road we take always have very hard obstacles I had to face.

There is also no point of return. Once you walk, you have to continue to your destination. Unlike game which has checkpoint, when you face a hard obstacle, you can retry again from beginning, or even avoid that obstacle. But not in real life.

During my journey, I had to step on muddy path, it made my shoes full of mud. I was raged on why the path was so muddy, why the rain was not stopping. Then I realized that that was not right, because you were angry to your own condition, angry to God for what He guided you so far.

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Appreciation is one of things you can do to other people for free. It gives spirit and motivation to them which can bright their life. It is one of keys to a good workplace environment.

I have friends who are complaining on how unappreciative their peers or bosses are. This made me reflect to myself on how do I feel with my peers and bosses. I am really fortunate to have a very supportive peers and bosses, which makes myself in a very comfort zone.

How do I define a good peers and bosses?

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