Using Generics in an Ugly Way

Previously I was talking about generics. You can see how I do with generics to the confusing level:

new AsyncTask<Void, Void, RefreshTaskResult<ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>>>>() {
	protected RefreshTaskResult<ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>>> doInBackground(Void... params) {
		try {
			ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>> result = client.getSquadList();		
			return new RefreshTaskResult<ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>>>(result);
		} catch (Exception e) {
			// Catch any exception
			return new RefreshTaskResult<ActionResult<List<SquadInfoShort>>>(e);

See how many < > to feast your eyes.

Control Your Source Code

You usually save your code on your development machine. When you need to share your code with your friend, or perhaps when you use multiple development machine such as desktop and laptop simultaneously, you share your code by copying the entire folder and share it to your liking. This is a very bad practice, especially when sharing involves changes and development from other party. Because of that we need a Source Control system.

So my friends, what is source control? Basically it is a software that controls the changes and revisions on each line of your source code. So every changes are tracked, every files in your software project are monitored, and it has revision history so you will never lose track with any changes happen on your source code. They say that source control only useful for large projects, I say NO! Source control is very useful for any collaboration between two people. Even I, the lonesome programmer, can really make use the benefit of source control system so that I can keep my development workstations, my desktop and my laptop, in sync.

Okay, so I need to find a source control system that is suitable for me. The main requirement for my source control system is: CHEAP, preferably FREE. I was searching for the best solution for me. So I travelled the journey to look for the best. Here’s the story of my journey.

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