Adventure Style Photography

I have been interested with photography especially when I was finally able to purchase my own DSLR. So I am going to share some tricks on how I take pictures.

I love travelling, and I love taking photos while travelling. One of my friends once asked me after seeing Angkor Wat photo below: “how come you could come to Angkor Wat and it was not that crowded? It feels like you were having an adventure in a real ruin”

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Your Environment is The One Who Built You Up

I was researching my target university. One thing that I did was watching the commencement event and listen to the speeches by the president and honorable alumni. It was very interesting to watch the event, and I gained lot of information about the culture in the university.

I learned interesting knowledge from one of the speech:

Your environment is the one who built you up

The speaker said that the influence of people around you is the crucial factor that determines  what you’re going to be. You tend to follow your community into certain common characteristic. For instance, if you spend your time more with slackers, you will tend to become a slacker too. In the other hand, if you are within a circle of motivated people, they will surely motivate you toward good things.

The speech continued to his experience and his decision which changed his life

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