How To Hack Your (Friend’s) Windows 7 Password

DISCLAIMER – The purpose of this post is to show how vulnerable Windows 7 is. The writer disclaim all the charges for any damages caused by this post. You MUST address the claim to Microsoft® for developing such a bad security on their operating system.

Recently I just told that I could hack the password on Windows 7 by the infamous NET command from command prompt. I tried it when I’m on Samarinda last sunday when configuring the laptop for computer training participant. It failed. I was told using NET USER command from the command line console in Windows Recovery Tools. I found it very ridiculous which the NET USER commands return the users on the Windows 7 installer environment, which are Administrator and Guest only. It is not linked to the Administrator account on your installed Windows on your hard drive.

While today, when I consider that “myth” is busted, my friend Ken Danniswara told me that that is not how you do it. You use the recovery command line console to perform some “magic” trick to Windows system files, before you can actually hack a password in less than 10 minutes. And then he explained to me how he performed it. So here it is:

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Happy Birthday To Me

Well, in fact that only some of good friends who said “Happy Birthday” to me earlier, I would like to say Happy Birthday to myself, wish a very bright future ahead. Perhaps my wish is: I wish I will go to USA and work at Google. 😛

Lagi masa-masa Google-maniacs nih gw. Hehehehe 😛

Goodbye 20092010 😀

Prayer For My Mother

Dear God,

I know I am a sinner. Every second I live I never get away from all this sin.

I know I am a liar. Every single word I speak is only lie.

I know I am unfaithful to You. Even though I know that You always grace me with Your joy

These sins is all about me. About how I stuck with my own lust and greed.

But I know, every time I remember about You, I always remember about how my mother taught me the good and reminded me the bad.

I only wish for her to be forgiven for all of her sin she made in her life, keep her soul untouched by the flame of Jahannam, and let her rest beside You in your Firdaus.

Rabbighfirli wali wali dayya warhamhuma kamaa rabbayaani shoghiiro


My Life Is In a Crossroad

I’m starting to think that recently I’m such a mess. I have no power to study, to do something useful for my own life, to think about somebody else, and much more. I worried with my upcoming future, which I’ll be graduated in a year, I’m going for an internship in less than 3 months (which the bad part is I haven’t get any internship company yet), and so much more.

I also feel a little bit lonely and homesick, which in this part, I miss my suck high school year, when I had so much time to take care of myself and less pain in the asses. It doesn’t mean I’m that lazy (okay, I’m a bit lazy), but I just feel that all these (monotonic) activities just started to kill me slowly.

I really want to break the ice inside of me. I want both excellence in my academics and happiness in my daily life. I know without fulfilling both of those goals simultaneously, I won’t make it. I don’t feel myself blend with my routines and environments anymore. I feel that I’m not that dynamic as what I used to. I need to find a way to get back in the shape. But I don’t know how.

Only if you guys would understand this cloudy sky above me. But I guess you wouldn’t. I’m stuck in a crossroad.